American Civil War in the News is a edited review of American Civil War related news and articles, providing collection of hand-picked 1861-1865 era history.

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Civil War Scale Models, Replicas and Reproductions

Latest hand-picked Civil War news and articles.

Replica of historic Confederate submarine in Jacksonville
Ever since Calvin Hart first laid his eyes on the replica of the CSS Hunley, he has been trying to get the full-scale model of one of the world's earliest submarines to visit the First Coast, but the timing never worked out, until now.

Confederate submarine replica tours on with The H.L. Hunley Mobile Exhibit
Visitors to the Putnam County Civil War can get a glance of one of the nation's oldest naval mysteries. The H.L. Hunley Mobile Exhibit, starring a 5,000-pound Civil War submarine replica, will be on display at Valley Park in Hurricane. The CSS H.L. Hunley, a Confederate submarine, was the first submarine in military history to sink an enemy warship. John Dangerfield began touring the nation with the replica in 2004. Archaeologists and historians are still exploring the real Hunley at the Warren Lasch Conservation Center in Charleston, S.C.

Columbus' National Civil War Naval Museum building replica of the USS Water Witch   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Columbus' National Civil War Naval Museum is rebuilding the USS Water Witch, the Union warship Confederate commandos seized on June 3, 1864. Rebuilding costs $1.2m, of which the museum has raised over $800,000. It's now trying to get folks to donate $350,000 more. On a rainy night in 1864, 130 rebel raiders stormed aboard the Water Witch, overtaking the crew of 65 in a bloody battle of swords and revolvers. The Confederates lost both their leader Navy Lt. Thomas Pelot, and Moses Dallas, the slave they employed as a pilot. The rebels had planned to run the ship to Savannah and break the Union blockade - Instead they ran it aground.

Jeff Stafford's replica cannons a hit among history buffs   (Article no longer available from the original source)
During 23 years, Jeff Stafford has built or restored over 150 cannons and gun carriages. So unmatched is the quality of his work that he has earned a national reputation as the go-to guy for fans of Civil War-era heavy artillery. His customers are private collectors, forts, museums and re-enactors. "I build them exactly the way they were made. ...I feel like I'm supposed to do this. This is my destiny." The other day, Stafford was assembling a 3-inch ordnance rifle that will be installed at the Cyclorama Gallery at the Gettysburg Museum of the American Civil War at Gettysburg National Military Park.

Replica of the USS Monitor turret
When you've got military history's most famous gun turret, you've got a museum attraction. But what do you do when the artifact has to stay most of the next 20 years underwater? At the new USS Monitor Center the answer lies in 3 different replicas based on the brightest naval star of the Civil War. But only one of these reproductions shows why the revolutionary weapon figured so prominently on the world stage as well as at an essential moment in the American history. Build nearly entirely by the exhibit fabrication shop at The Mariners' Museum, the full-size replica is among the most accurate 3D renderings of the turret ever made.

Steamer Natchez No. 5's replica to join Vicksburg museum display   (Article no longer available from the original source)
At the beginning of the Civil War, Confederate President Jefferson Davis asked steamboat man Thomas P. Leathers to head up the South's naval operations on the Mississippi. Leathers refused, but did serve the Confederacy by carrying troops on vessels that included a steamer known as the Natchez No 5. Now a replica of the No. 5 is on display at the Vicksburg Battlefield Museum. The model is one of 250 boat and ship models at museum, which also introduces visitors to the campaign for Vicksburg through maps and 30min film "The Vanishing Glory". The No. 5 is less famous than its successor, the Natchez No. 6, which lost a Mississippi River race in 1870 to the Robert E. Lee.

Odd replica of CSS Shenandoah - Confederate flag around the world
Rodney Lohr could have bought Popsicle sticks to build a replica of a Civil War ship, but "Where's the fun in that?" So, he licked his way through 900 frozen pops. Then he washed, dried and sanded the pieces and went to work to re-create the CSS Shenandoah, the only ship to carry the Confederate flag around the world. But he didn't have a diagram how to build a model version of a steamship, so he looked at photos. 3 years later, he put the finishing touches on a replica that's 5 feet long and 3 feet high, with 18 hand-sewn sails and rigging so intricate, he used tweezers to tie it together.

One of the largest fully functional Civil War reproduction cannon
Steen Cannon and Ordnance Works delivered one of the largest fully functional Civil War reproduction cannons to a National Park in Georgia. For the last 3 months it has been perfecting the 4,200-pound artillery piece, which arrived at Fort Pulaski National Park in Savannah, Ga. Marshall Steen said the gun will be used in the park's live demonstrations. "Fort Pulaski has had living history programs for many years. They decided they wanted to step up and be the No. 1 historical site for big gun demonstrations." The cannon is a 30-Pounder Parrott, named after its inventor Robert Parker Parrott. In April 1862, the cannon was used during the Siege of Fort Pulaski.